Mar 22

Raw Food Vegan Recipes – Dairy Free Cheese and Milk

Introduction In recent times, people have become more health conscious and they are improving their life style so that they can reduce their risk of developing various diseases and they can remain disease free all through out their life. The first step in this direction is including healthy food such as raw vegetables, fruits, and lots of water in your diet. But this transition of your diet from comfort foods to a raw food diet needs determination, strong will power and enthusiasm.

Various easy and Scrumptious Ways to get more Raw Food into your Diet! There are various raw food vegan recipes available in the market to satiate your desires, but the most common or the most consumed are dairy free cheese and milk. They are simple and delectable and they are the great substitutes for their non-raw counterparts. They are very rich in proteins and contain necessary and required fats. The most important thing is that they are available easily and can be found at any departmental or grocery store. They provide the necessary nutrition and are super fantastic in taste. They are also easy to make. Dairy Free Raw Cheese and Milk – Great way of being fit and healthy!

In vegetarian recipes, Raw Cheese adds a great texture and makes the recipe delicious. It also has fantastic nutritional value. Vegetarian recipes containing dairy free raw Cheese can vary in complexity as it depends on what type of cheese you want to emulate. For certain recipes like sandwich or burger cheese slices can be used and slices can be created using a dehydrator. It can be mixed in various recipes using blender or food processor. Various raw food recipes use raw milks as they are incredibly simple to make. They can be put in various recipes

Mar 21

Best Fast Food Nutrition Choices

In this society, people are always on the go. It can be hard to find quality, healthy foods that are cheap and easy. A nutritionist Brooklyn can help clients plan ahead, but even in New York City, it is possible to be left with only fast food options. Following these tips will can help a diner make the best choices.

The first, and most important, thing to keep in mind is calories. Choose a meal with 500 calories or less. Drinking diet soda or water will help keep these calories in check. Smaller sandwiches, such as a cheeseburger, will also help lower the calorie count. Chili is also a great choice. Choosing a side of fruit, salad or a baked potato will also help lower the calorie count. The next thing to look for in a healthy, fast food dollar meal is fiber. Fiber is indigestible so it leaves the diner filling full without adding calories. Value menu choices with plenty of fiber include bean burritos, salad, fruit and baked potatoes.

Ensuring enough protein is another important aspect. Look to get 10 to 25 percent of calories from protein when eating fast food. In a 500 calorie meal, this means between 50 and 125 calories should come from protein. Each gram of protein has four calories, so a fast food meal should contain 12 to 31 grams of protein. Good options for quality protein include grilled chicken wraps, cheeseburgers, bean burritos and chili.

The final thing that must be kept in mind when choosing a healthy fast food meal is fat. The meal should be as low in fat as possible. No more than 30 percent of the calories in a meal should come from fat. In a 500 calorie meal, this equals 150 calories or 17 grams of

Mar 20

Pizza Hut Fine Dining Restaurant – A Regal Experience

Pizza Hut is the worlds leading Italian pizza chain Company. In India, Pizza Hut has 140 restaurants across 34 cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune and Chandigarh .

In the recent past Pizza Hut has announced the roll-out of a brand alteration plan in India, the name renowned by now in the casual dining arena. The transformation absorbs the commencement of the enhanced dining concept with the casual dining section. This includes a new advanced look as well as a new logo and a label line that fit perfectly with the brands progress.

The new tag line, Stories Happen, detains the disposition of Pizza Hut restaurant, as a place where people unite, build strong friendships and create immense memoirs while sharing excellent food. The augmentation project also comprises of renovating the look and feel of Pizza restaurants with a better decor.

This Italian food restaurant is all about giving an exclusive and memorable dining experience by offering the finest and most discrete Italian pizzas with an Indian touch and a perfect service, in a peaceful and pleasant ambiance. It is well-known to deliver a range of delicious cakes, pastas and pizzas that are perfect for the customers who are searching for luxurious food for business meeting. In Pizza Hut restaurants one can also organize a custom-made corporate lunch for corporate clienteles, a kitty party or a kids birthday. Corporate lunches facilitate to create common interests, build up communication, and makes working in cooperation easier.

Pizza Hut is renowned for promoting Italian cuisine in India. Lately they have added 30 new exciting items in their menu list including a new range of tuscani pastas a cuisine of central Italy to tempt your appetite. One can enjoy a good 4-course meal with friends or relatives at affordable

Mar 20

Restaurant Business Plans – What You Need Before Getting Started

Anyone wishing to own and operate their own restaurant has to begin by writing and then following a very specific business plan. There is nothing in life that can be accomplished without first having a plan. And owning a restaurant, which is very rewarding but very difficult, certainly needs a plan.

All business plans need to be very specific. They need to map out exactly what should happen with each facet of the restaurant business. All plans need to include a Strategic Objective, an Analysis of Competitors, a Market Assessment, and SWOT.

A Strategic Objective for any restaurant is basically a revenue plan. How do you plan to make money with your restaurant? How much is food going to cost you including transport, storage, etc? What about spoilage? And then how much will you charge for each dish on the menu and how much money can you expect to net (earn after cost) from each dish? You need to take a specific and thorough look at how you plan to make money and you need to be honest with yourself too.

Before you open-up a restaurant you need to take a look at your competitors. Consider what type of niche your restaurant is in and then take a look at whatever other restaurants are in the same niche within thirty-five miles. Remember to consider the number of stars as well – if they are a different number of stars then they are competing for a different clientele. Of course your actual analysis would have to dig much deeper than just seeing what’s nearby your location.

The Market Assessment portion of all restaurant business plans should include the potential for your restaurant to make money. Take a look at all the important census data that is available to you. Then from that information decide how

Mar 18

Indian Restaurants In London-enjoy Delicious Traditional Indian Food At Your Home

There are times when you do not feel like cooking after a hectic day at your work or you do not want to miss your favourite show in television then just order you food from a best Indian restaurant in London. But if you are health conscious and you do not love to eat fried things then the best option for you is to opt for traditional Indian food. There are many Indian food restaurants UK which delivers mouth watering and healthy dishes at your doorstep. Enjoying delectable traditional Indian food with your family at the cozy comfort of your home is the wonderful way to spend your time with your family.

indian food UK not only satisfy your taste buds but are also good for your health especially traditional Indian cuisines. But while selecting your Indian restaurant in London you must be very careful. Indian dishes are very popular in London and because of this there are many restaurants offering Indian food. But there are few restaurants only who employs experienced chefs and they have the proficiency to prepare the Indian dishes using traditional cooking methods. When you are ordering your food then it is obvious that you want to enjoy your meal thoroughly and so it is very essential that the food is prepared with perfection and with right amount of spicing. And this is only possible when the people who are in your kitchen have an experience and knowledge of preparing food in the right way.

If you really want to enjoy your food with your family then the food must be delectable. And if you will order your food from the best Indian restaurant in London then they will make sure that you can enjoy the best food not only in taste but it must be

Mar 16

Used Restaurant Equipment Can Be A Real Life Saver

Used restaurant equipment offers the ideal solution for entrepreneurs who want to break into the restaurant business but find themselves struggling with the overhead. And let’s face it, that overhead can be extremely daunting. There is a great deal that goes into running a successful restaurant and it can quickly add up, making it nearly impossible to keep your head above water.

More than one prospective restaurant owner has found that buying supplies, equipment and other necessary items online can be a real money saver. It is possible to get great deals on used equipment through various retailers that cater directly to the restaurant industry. In fact, it is such a valuable resource that many of these retailers do all of their business online, opting to forgo traditional storefronts.

Starting a restaurant is about more than just finding the right location and deciding on a menu, it also means making sure that your kitchen is fully stocked with everything you’ll need to prepare and serve the finest meals. This means major appliances like stovetops, refrigerators and freezers as well as smaller items, right down to dishes and utensils.

While the smaller items can be relatively easy to locate and purchase brand new, the bigger ticket items can be extremely expensive. This is where finding restaurant equipment for sale online can be a real lifesaver. It is possible to find perfectly functioning six or eight burner stovetops, walk-in refrigerator/freezers and even computerized ordering stations that don’t cost a fortune.

If you’re considering a specialty restaurant, like a pizzeria, then you may need special equipment as well. Pizza ovens, Panini presses, food warming stations, it can all be found and at prices you can easily afford. You can even get great deals on tabletop appliances like mixers, grinders and food processors and

Mar 15

Indian Restaurant Furniture – Adding Elegance To Your Restaurant

Indian wooden furniture is available for a wide variety of uses. The furniture is available for every room in the house, right from the bed room, the drawing room to the children’s play room. Indian wooden furniture is also available for restaurants – allowing you to add a quaint touch to your thematic restaurant.Also, Indian restaurant furniture adds the much needed touch of Asian art to thematic restaurants and bars.

Furnishing a restaurant or a bar is more difficult than a house, because it is a commercial concern and the furniture should not only fit the buyer’s needs and be comfortable for the users, but it should also appeal to the customers in a particular way. Indian restaurant furniture comprises of many pieces of furniture, like the honeycomb wine rack, the wooden bar stool, the most elegant seating found, and even screens and other embellishments to enhance the look
and feel of the restaurant, as well as to respect the privacy of the clients. There are also various decorative furnishings, like the huge urn, etc that add to the effect of an authentic Indian restaurant.

Wholesale restaurant furniture is available for all kinds of restaurants, be it a large banquet hall or a small hotel or a very small eatery. Each of these establishments has their own requirements and Indian wooden furniture caters to them. Cheap wooden hotel furniture is also available, for those who are setting up an eating establishment on a budget.

Authentic Indian furniture is a rare and original art, and the people preparing it are real experienced artisans with experience and talent. The right kind of discount restaurant furniture will add a valuable and exquisite touch to the eating establishment, placing it ahead of every other restaurant in the minds of clients. Indian wooden furniture

Mar 15

Hamptons Restaurant Scene Serves Great Cuisine

The Hamptons is a popular seaside resort where people from all over the world go to enjoy the many amenities the area has to offer. This seaside community caters to people who enjoy a peaceful setting with an artful feel. The Hamptons has many recreational activities including several nationally ranked golf courses and tennis courts that serve the community. It has historically been known for its summer recreational use by people who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. The relaxed atmosphere of the Hamptons is conducive to great restaurants where people can go for enjoyable food while experiencing the local retail shops and art. Quality restaurants set the mood for both visitors and residents by providing a variety of options that please the body and the mind.

Dining in the Hamptons is an experience in culture and cuisine that ranges from refined to relaxed depending on the mood. There are restaurants scattered throughout that feature a diverse range of food that is sure to please any appetite. Seafood is a popular item on many restaurant menus because of the availability of fresh fish each day. The close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean makes it ideal for seafood lovers who are looking for buckets of crab legs or fresh catch-of-the-day options. Other seafood such as oysters, shellfish, and roe are served to the delight of diners in many restaurants around the area. The area is well known for their great restaurants and they take pride in giving their customers an experience that will long be remembered. If seafood is not on the agenda, then there are many other options to choose from.

There is a Hamptons restaurant that is sure to please any appetite from fine dining to fast food. Cultural restaurants such

Mar 12

California Restaurant Business Liability Insurance Rate Quotes

Are you a Californian restaurant owner who is looking for the best insurance rate quotes? Only at Restaurant Insurance Group will you get the most professional and affordable restaurant insurance throughout the year. Restaurant Insurance is in a more advantaged position to understand the risk exposures being faced by restaurant owners in the State because the company is formed by professionals in the restaurant fraternity in California.

You get an all round insurance for your restaurant business regardless of the size at the most competitive rates hence distinguishing restaurant insurance from the millions of insurance brokers out there. Restaurant Insurance insures all types of restaurants such as fine dining and family style restaurants including nightclubs, bars and taverns.

To get your quotes for liability, it will only take you a few minutes. Make a call or send an email. However, you maybe requested to be patient for a few days, depending on the expiry date of your policy, to help experts access the market for you and look for the best policy terms on offer.

At the Restaurant Insurance Group, we understand the complex nature of your restaurant business hence will not take your precious time with pushy salesmen when you want get a quote. You will always be given your space to make decisions for yourself and get back to the company if you find the package interesting. The team of professionals from Restaurant Insurance will take utmost 30 seconds of your time asking a few obvious questions about your basic information that is mandatory to getting a quote.

With Restaurant Insurance, all you need to do is to focus on improving the quality of food that you offer and we shall focus on having on offer the best quote rates for an entire year. We are just

Mar 07

Cheese based ketogenic nutrition

There are many varieties of nutrition and diets that can be found online, or in many other sources. Many of them are based on a biological mechanism that we call ketosis, in which your body stops using carbs as the main source of energy, and instead uses its own body fat, and fat that is taken with food, as the primary energy source. The mentioned state of ketosis can be achieved by a ketogenic diet, which is actually just another name for a low carb diet, because on the ketogenic type of diet, your goal is to eat food that is rich in fats and proteins, and low in carbohydrates. There are many different meals and food you can eat in order to meet the mentioned criteria. In this article we will mostly talk about cheese and cheese based products.

Cheese is a generic term for a larger group of food products based on milk. Cheese consists basically of proteins and fat from milk, with the milk usually coming from cows, or goats, sheep or other species. It is basically produced by coagulation of a milk protein called casein. The textures, styles and flavorse of cheese depend on the origin of milk (and the animals diet).

The exact nutritional values of cheese varies also because there are many different types of cheese. Fresh cheese, also known as quark (per 100 grams) has around 4 grams of carbohydrates, 15 grams of proteins, and 3 grams of fat. Regular hard cheese (also per 100 grams) has around 3 grams of carbohydrates, 25 grams of proteins, and around 28 grams of fat. There are also many other types of cheese, with different nutritional values, but these are amont the most common types.

As we can see, cheese usually has a relatively low amount

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