Jun 22

Takeaway apps or Restaurant apps really helps

Open the door for many great promotional strategies by owning a custom iPhone and Android app for your restaurant. With their customer-base custom restaurant apps gives the restaurateur 24/7 access to a direct line of communication. Wanting to know more about the history, menu, and specials of restaurants are now easily accessible by users. In-App Reservations is one more feature which is actively changing the way things have always been done before.

With the time, party size and date, and turn-by-turn directions to the restaurant location customers are now provided with a convenient feature within the restaurant’s app allowing them to make reservations, receive email notifications confirmations. Reservations are free and you can make them at any time around the clock. As the App users are completely accommodated with In-app custom features by the restaurant including being able to choose from utilizing Google’s GPS map and directions or directly calling the restaurant with the easy one-touch button residing on the landing page of the restaurant’s custom app.

By allowing a convenient way for customers to reserve a spot at their favorite eatery reservation systems are saving business owners time and eventually money. Restaurant mobile app developers should always provide restaurant owners with an east-to-use backend reservation management system. Superior guest recognition can be developed with the help of this system by the restaurant owners. Reservations systems immediately record information to the database due to the “real-time” availability. in the long run it will ended up saving you time and money and it is the greatest benefit for the business owners.

Why restaurants and other businesses are employing the mobile app strategy within their marketing tactics have many multiple reasons but the most common is to have an advantage over their competition. Nearly 65% of small businesses agrees

Jun 22

Restaurant Financing And Leasing

Do you own a restaurant that has been recently affected by the downward economy? While running your own business can be fun and exciting, there is no avoiding the stress that accompanies it. With financial burdens looming, even with conservative spending, you may need a little extra help in helping your business run efficiently. Five Point Capitalunderstands the financial pressure and we may be able to help relieve some of the burden.
With Five Point Capitals restaurant cash advance program, we help small companies get the cash they need to get their businesses back in shape, buy supplies, and fund anything else they need to help their restaurants run smoothly. Our working capital program offers small businesses an alternative to loans by giving you cash in exchange for a fixed dollar amount of your credit card sales until your advance is paid in full. Five Point Capital takes the worry out of financing your restaurant because we dont get paid until you get paid! If you are interested in getting money for your new restaurant, please submit an online request form and in as little as five days, we can help you bring your restaurant back on track.
Hungry for new furniture or equipment? Five Point Capital provides restaurant owners with restaurant equipment leasing and financing to maximize your working cash and to ultimately save you money. Purchasing equipment can cost a fortune upfront and maintaining it can eat away at your profits. Five Point Capitals restaurant equipment leasing and financing options help small businesses get the equipment they need to run their businesses. Best of all, you pay for the restaurant equipment with the income it generates through a fixed payment plan, so it doesnt drain your working capital.
Five Point Capital makes growing and expanding

Jun 21

Dining Decisions on Restaurant Ratings and Reviews

Choosing the right restaurant can be a daunting task if you have plenty of choices. The availability of global cuisine in almost every city has made the choice more varied. Searches are getting simpler for diners & foodies as they can find out what others are saying about a restaurant before they choose to eat there. With the web full of restaurant recommendations and reviews based on the diner’s experience – hunting for restaurant reviews has surely become the first step while choosing a restaurant.

Users can see all the professional and user reviews from across the net in one single site. They can search details on restaurants ratings, menus, photographs, discount restaurant gift certificates and coupons, other relevant restaurant information like online restaurant reservations, home delivery, party or private rooms, addresses, hours, driving directions, maps, etc. for all local restaurants. Since the restaurant search engine dwells on meaning, users can find the best reviews first and don’t have to sort the relevant form the irrelevant data as in a generic search engine.

Certainly with popular review sites, consumers are having smart ways to find local restaurants. But nothing could be smarter than a Restaurant search engine with its fine dining guide that acts like a one-stop shop for diners. The restaurants directory delivers pertinent information gathered from over a half million online restaurant reviews in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and several other metros in the US. Don’t just look out for good food, but also benefit from the restaurant ratings on service and ambiance.

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Jun 20

Importance Of Restaurant Furniture

There is a strong competition everywhere. In the food industry, for example, restaurant owners always compete among themselves, trying to get the customers to patronize their dishes. However, competition in this arena is more than just food. It’s also about how the place looks from the inside. This also just shows just how much customers also value appearance in food establishments. This is why restaurant owners make careful attention into providing good restaurant furniture, most especially tables and chairs.

Procuring the best restaurant chairs and tables is one of the most important things that everyone who wants to venture into this business should take into consideration. One of the reasons is that with furniture that is designed to provide comfort, customers feel much more comfortable and at ease in the place. Restaurant chairs and tables that are of great quality provide comfort, if not luxury, to customers so they enjoy more their food.

Also, having good restaurant furniture reduces the risk of accidents. As a restaurant owner, perhaps the last thing you want to hear from your customers is a complain about accidents due to broken chairs. Well, this could be the worst scenario but it happens and leaves bad feedback on your restaurant. To avoid this, it is always important to check the quality of the furniture you are buying for your restaurant to make sure they are sturdy enough.

Lastly, having good restaurant furniture helps to market the place to new and old customers. This means restaurant owners need to give importance to the interior design of the place as much as the food. Restaurant chairs and tables need to blend with the theme of the entire place, making sure they harmonize with one another to make everything look beautiful. Restaurant owners even include exciting programs that are in line

Jun 20

The Italian Chef Guerrino Maculan cooks for the Delle Calle restaurant

We saw him on TV shows, preparing gluttunous dishes, we read his books about the culinary art, but The Grand Hotel Terme Astro did more than this: it succeeded in inviting, for one night only, the Italian chef Guerrino Maculan to the Restaurant Delle Calle. This was a golden occasion: preparing an entire menu with the I.G.P. porcini mushrooms of Borgotaro with the chef colleagues of Tabiano. It was impossible to say no for Guerrino Maculan, owner of the restaurant “Tinello” near Bassano del Grappa, and for the hotel and wellness center of Parma was an announced success. More than 150 participants, the 6th of november, crowded the hall, eager to taste the dishes ispired by its majesty the Porcino. The members of the Tutelary Consortium presented this marvellous product, showing its numerous values: the smell, the sweet and aromatic taste, the pleasantly firm consistency. Accompanied by the soft notes of the piano, the gastronomic show goes on stage: a menu composed with mastery that is the triumph of all the autumn fruits and the regional gastronomic excellences, in order to exalt the taste of the king of the wood. We start with a carpaccio of Porcinis on a bed of salad with slivers of Parmesan and truffle, puff-pastry cake with porcinis and a quiche with pumpkin and chestnuts. after the appetizers, it is time for a risotto with suillis mushrooms, panzerottis with aubergines and veal “Orloff”, accompanied with roastd potatoes and porcinis’ sauce. Grand conclusion with San Martino Cake, combined with blueberry sauce. The dinner, an authentic party for sight and taste, is over. Guerrino is ready to leave to go back to Veneto and says goodbye with his typical greeting -a Dio piacendo arriverci alla prossima volta-.

Per further information: Grand Hotel Terme Astro Via Castello, 2

Jun 18

Taking Your Family To A Restaurant

You may enjoy playing some sports together such as golf or bowling, and going to movies can be fun too. However, depending on the ages of your children, you may balk at taking your family to a restaurant in Olympia. However, if you plan your visit and think about a few things beforehand, you can have an excellent experience and give your children a chance to try some different foods that they may not get to sample at home.

One of the first things to consider is the type of restaurant in Olympia you plan to visit. Taking young children to a restaurant that is date-friendly is probably not the best idea. If there are many couples trying to have intimate conversations and your three-year-old decides to start singing her favorite children’s song at the top of her lungs, it could be a very uncomfortable moment for everyone concerned. When restaurants advertise themselves as fine-dining establishments, they are generally trying to cater to adults with a quiet, more sophisticated atmosphere. While there may not be signs posted stating that children are not welcome, you should consider the atmosphere that is being created.

A good rule of thumb is to look for a restaurant in Olympia that calls itself a “family restaurant.” These eating establishments often include crayons and placemats that can be colored by children while they are waiting for their food. They will usually have high chairs for the little ones, and often offer meals that are specifically for children under the age of 12. It is also a good idea to think about taking your family out to dine during off-peak hours and to request a table or booth that is away from other patrons.

No matter where you go, you should not expect anyone outside of your

Jun 16

Restaurant Accounting Critical To Accurate Financial Reports

Restaurant accounting, or even accounting for the hospitality industry, differs from accounting and bookkeeping for other industries. Apart from larger volumes of transactions from patrons during the lunchtime rush to taking stock of kitchen supplies, noting inventory, deciding on vendors and carrying out the purchases, restaurant accounting and bookkeeping job list can stretch into a long one, very quickly.

Further, all rules that apply to accounting and bookkeeping for other industries are applicable here as well. Most business decisions, including investments and expansion strategies will depend on the restaurant’s performance. As a result, a restaurant owner needs to ensure that finances are in order; the first step is to ensure accurate accounting.

Critical business decisions need updated financial records, regardless of the type of industry the business belongs to. For a restaurant to function smoothly, it must ensure that all accounting records are updated and accurate.

Timely updating; accuracy in reports

Whether it is taking stock of food and beverages inventory, or managing staff working hours and salary, or managing the entire cash flow, a restaurant has to remain on top of its bookkeeping and data entry for accurate accounting.

For those involved in the restaurant business, time is in short supply. Multi-tasking is more common, and can result in errors and inaccuracies. However, not making bookkeeping on time can result in an incorrect report. Accurate accounting is critical to reliable financial reports for a restaurant. Keep in mind that financial reports are vital for a number of reasons:

> They reflect the health of the organization.

> Financial reports are needed to access loans or to make investments towards expansion of the business.

> Accurate financial reports serve to reinforce investor faith.

> Financial reports allow you to review your cash status at a glance; enabling you to take critical decisions in an informed manner.

Choosing a professional solutions

Jun 16

The List Of Restaurant Equipment, Necessary For Opening A Restaurant Is As Varied As The Type Of Est

The list of restaurant equipment, necessary for opening a restaurant is as varied as the type of establishment you’re going to run. Some of the equipment that crosses all lines include the following:

Here are a few basics of what this broad subject has to offer up to any individual who wants to know more about it.

– adequate cooking facilities (stove burners, stove, salamander or other amiableing equipment like food lamps desired to keep food amiable, etc.) to groom your food at crest period so the investor doesn’t have to stop excessive amounts of time to get their order. The stove and other cooking appliances don’t have to be big, just steadfast and adequate enough in mass to hold what you are prone to groom as a part of your menu offerings.

– suitable refrigeration/openzer storeroom to keep your food goods warm and spoilage open. Again, the refrigeration and openzers that you use do not have to be big, just brawny and of enough mass that you can comfortably accommodate what you are prone to have in storeroom to make your menu selections.

– a dishwasher or appropriate dishwashing facilities so that you can resume to keep your food preparation tools clean. If you don’t own some separate of dishwashing machinery outright, you might want to judge the addition of answer hole where dishes may dry suitablely or perhaps adding a spray rule with open tube as a part of the sink to facilitate rinsing and washing or gaining water for cooking lacking operation the imperil of impede contamination from grimy dishwashing water.

We hope that the first part of this article as brought you a lot of much needed information on the subject at hand. about Restaurant equipment leasing,

– a brawny churn of commercial grade to facilitate the addition of any batters, sauces

Jun 16

Restaurant Jobs in UK

One of the most upcoming carriers in todays world is Restaurant Jobs. The hyperbolic growth and development of places of recreation, shopping complexes, theaters etc has given way to restaurant industry. The credit for the success of this industry is also shared by the growing economic condition of the nation, daily buzy schedule and improved paying capacity of people. Unlike many other mundane professions, this carrier option gives you complete liberty and opportunity to exploit your creativity and shape your innovative ideas. With the growing demand there are least chances that career in this field can ever meet saturation. Restaurant jobs lie in various different categories.

Front end positions include waiters and waitresses, bartenders, hosts and hostesses. No professional course or degree is required for this kind of restaurant job. Generally young people with a pleasing personality and good communication skills are hired. Earlier experience in similar context always gives an edge over others but its not mandatory.

Back end positions in restaurant job category are those of chefs, kitchen manager and kitchen assistants. There is always a huge demand for good chefs skilled in multi-cuisine preparations. Several training opportunities and professional courses are available to provide training for chefs. Kitchen managers are responsible for oversee the management and running of the kitchen. Regular check on the quality of preparations, proper maintenance of the kitchen utensils, keeping the record of the purchases and consumption and oversee the hygienic condition of the place are a few things included in kitchen managers duties. Kitchen assistants are hired for general running of the kitchen. They are involved in preparation, cutting and dicing of vegetables and other food stuffs, washing the dishes and cutlery and cleaning of the kitchen area.

Restaurant management jobs for administration positions are rated very high. Such positions require

Jun 13

How To Embellish Your Restaurant Menu Boards

Restaurant menu boards are growing in popularity as we see them on the increase in many establishments across the country. Theyre popular because they are not only a very useful marketing tool, as when used correctly they can be an asset to your business but also they can look very good much better than the old poster you used to blue tack up on to your wall.

Getting your restaurant menu boards to look the part is extremely important, because if they dont look good, the chance that your punters will pay any attention to them is very slim. You can use them to advertise events that are coming up, your specials, your wine list or even your menus the options are endless. But the way they are displayed and written on can certainly affect their effectiveness.

For this reason many choose to employ a professional chalkboard writer to design and decorate their restaurant menu boards, but it really depends on what you want your boards to look like. If youre idea of your board includes an intricate and decorative design incorporating text with images it really is best to hire a professional, unless you are particularly creative. But the worst thing would be to display a menu board in your restaurant that is messy and not up to scratch because this can have a negative and detrimental effect on what your customers think to your establishment.

Theres a number of things you can use to write on your restaurant menu boards, you may prefer to use the traditional, old-fashioned pieces of chalk or alternatively there are special chalk pens which you can purchase and these are often a little easier to manage and control, especially if you are fairy new to chalkboard decorating. Another little trick is

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